About Us

All About Zymroo

The Kosher Way!

We are a small Jewish company based out of Brooklyn, NY. Our name explains our mission: Our goal is to invent and market Kosher Devices that can play your favorite kosher music.

We are constantly exploring ideas for the Jewish Customer so they can enjoy today’s technology, The Kosher Way. Products that are practical, up to date innovative and are appropriate for the Jewish home.

We make sure that all of our products are approved by leading Yeshivas and schools.   That way, you can be assured that any Zymroo Product is free from today’s harmful technology. That can affect the Chinuch of our children and of the Torah observant Jew.

Although we are best known as the creators of the Kosher MP3 Player and we won't stop there. We are always working on new and exciting ideas. Check back from time to time to see what's new!

How did this all begin?

It all started when we came across a major problem that today’s avid music listeners are facing. As they look forward to listen to their favorite Jewish music, and are faced with buying music players that include the options of Wifi, FM Radio, Internet, and Video.

After working with the best manufacturers, and testing the products for many months, we are grateful to bring you the top of the line, and the best quality MP3 Players that plays your favorite music with the best sound quality, and are built very durable so they can last a long time.

Zymroo MP3 Players Never has, Wifi, FM Radio, Internet, or Video

Zymroo MP3 Players are now available in all major electronic stores in the New York and New Jersey areas. The Zymroo MP3 Players are also available directly to the consumer via the internet. www.zymroo.com


For wholesale inquiries please email us at info@zymroo.com